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Factoring: More than just a financing instrument

by David Jones

Two weeks ago, object financing in general and factoring in particular were discussed in blog 19. Factoring is debt financing. It is a financing instrument that can be used specifically by entrepreneurs, both for bridging short-term liquidity shortages and for the structural financing of working capital. Factoring is therefore one of the options for directing […]

Quick loan with unofficial income

by David Jones

A lot of new restrictions on fast loans came into effect in 2014 – for example, lenders need to better assess customer solvency and the penalty (but not default interest!) Should not exceed 10%, and so on. In this case, many may be wondering – can instant credit be achieved without official income? If it’s […]

Quick Loan

by David Jones

If you are in need of a short term loan, but 21st Century activity and the size of credit companies make you doubt the most profitable loan company for Dolly Varden in 2018, then it would be advisable for you to compare several popular credit companies before choosing the one that suits you. Compare Deals  […]